Ratcliffe: Rooney is Kenwright’s signing

Everton legend Kevin Ratcliffe is convinced that Wayne Rooney’s return to the Blues is because Bill Kenwright wants him back in a Blue shirt, and not necessarily Ronald Koeman.

Ratcliffe, who led the club during its most illustrious period in the 1980s, admitted to being perplexed over Rooney’s second coming.

Ratcliffe said: “I’m a little unsure where Wayne Rooney fits into all this. I wonder where he will break into the team? He is still a very good player but where does he get in?

“Ronald Koeman likes a pressing game. I don’t know whether Wayne can do that now. He will always do his best even if you stuck him in goal.

“He still has great awareness and is a good passer of the ball but the pace of the game that Everton play could pass him by.

“I know that Everton brought Gazza in during his twilight years and he didn’t do badly, but I think they brought him in at the time as a crowd pleaser. They knew they weren’t going anywhere but they needed to excite people and get people in through the turnstiles.

“That’s not the case now. Also you wonder whether this is being driven more by the club than the manager.”


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