everton-kirby_1531030cEverton’s non-stadium announcement at the AGM was that we can’t name our partners in the project nor can we tell you where we intend to build it or fund it. I asked the chairman to name the partners…he refused.

Upon leaving the AGM, the principal partner was announced in the Guardian and the Telegraph as Liverpool City Council and the site was named as Walton Hall Park. Robert Elstone told the shareholders nothing and then everything is revealed by what appeared to be a club sanctioned press release.

Then the Council announces that it cannot fund a new the stadium and then the coup de grace is delivered in a now pulled Echo article that Everton must find the sum of 30 million for their new project. Sounds familiar.

No official announcement yet, but confidentially agreements are in place and information is being strictly controlled. If only that well placed source hadn’t revealed the £30 million funding shortfall.

I have no idea what’s going on at the club.

Liverpool are redeveloping Anfield under the guidance of their new American owners the Fenway Sports group. These confused moves by the club are designed in part to stop us all asking why Goodison can’t be redeveloped.

What is known is that Terry Leahy is still involved and Chris Potts is still involved as advisors from the Destination Kirkby project.

The proposal could be Destination Kirkby in Liverpool with Kings Dock funding problems and the announcement is yet to be made. It’s not looking very promising.

David O’Keefe


  1. Not sure about this. One thing for sure was without the intervention of the government DK would be built now. So my gut instinct is that there is a robust plan in place. I do believe they will find the investment. I also believe the site will be Walton Hall Park. I am a bit bemused at Everton fans berating the club for announcing the possibility or the prospect of a new ground.
    I am sure they won’t be relying on the council to fund the build but maybe provide the land. I think the park would be perfect for the transport communications also keeping it within the same locality.
    Good on the club for going for it

  2. Oooooo, some negativity to get your teeth into. You guys must be creaming your kecks!!

  3. The club tries and you just dismiss it with old crap and lazy writing. Get a life and move over the park. We have had too much negativity at our club, so move on, nothing to see here Son.

  4. Steve Mc says:

    Bloody ‘ell, give the club a chance to actually give us some real details in due course! Unless you’ve been away somewhere, the Walton Hall Park scenario was an unconfirmed rumour going around days before the meeting and Joe Anderson has been saying publicly on TV, Echo etc. that they were working closely with EFC over a new ground location for longer than that, hardly a secret. I think the partners, other than the blatantly obvious council, they will have been unable to discuss would be the ones they hoped would enable the funding required. Talk of £30m being required would be very premature as the location and plans would have to be very well advanced to have the costings all worked out and this is obviously not the case. So give it a rest and let’s see what’s on offer before you start pissing on it.

  5. Also.. If we have to pY £30 mill for something that we won’t really own. There’s no way that we’ll get finance for it.

  6. I did here of someone at the AGM repeatedly asking questions that would contravene confidentiality agreements eventually being told to sit down. All of this negativity is generated by a number of small minded business owners surrounding the current goodison park site who are going to lose out on any stadium move anywhere. Whilst “keep everton in our city” may have generated support and scuppered the Kirkby move, any realistic opportunity for a new stadium within the city boundaries surely has to be welcomed. I doubt the next “Keep everton close to the pubs, chippies and cafes we own” campaign will get as much support.

  7. The club will be required to find part of the funding,obviously.The sale or transfer of the present land owned at the Goodison site will be part of that funding,will it not? Or are we going to move and retain Goodison Park? In my opinion we missed a good opportunity when the Kirkby rug was pulled from under our feet,but I’m prepared to forgive Andy Burnham now.I think. If we are to attract quality players and investors,to ensure our future ,we need to sort this out pretty sharpish. I can’t believe we will be expected to buy the site and develop it and still have to pay rent to LCC. Like Finch Farm, we will likely do all the donkey work then sell it off to put money into the team. Just so long as we don’t sell to speculators who care nothing for the club. the LCC seem to be shaping up as good partners/landlords,or at least better than the hedge fund we originally went with. However,if staying at Goodison was likely to cause the demise of Blue Union and their fellow travellers I’d vote to stay in perpetuity.

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