It is official…Tim Cahill is now the most prolific scorer of headed goals in Premier League history.

A top 10 list of the Premier League’s aerial specialists puts the Everton player out in front, ahead of renowned headers of the ball like Alan Shearer, Les Ferdinand and even former Goodison hero and close friend Duncan Ferguson.

Cahill’s last minute bullet header at St Andrews last weekend was his 27th headed goal in 170 Premier League matches.

With a growing rapport between Cahill and Leighton Baines – the full-back has set up eight of Cahill’s last 14 league goals – there will doubtlessly be more to come.

“If it would have been anyone else I probably wouldn’t have gone for it,” explained Baines “but when you know Tim Cahill’s in there, then you know there is always a chance of a goal.

“He was on the spot as always to seal the victory.”

Cahill scores with his head on average every 6.30 games, with Dion Dublin his closest rival on 6.93 and Duncan Ferguson third.

Top 10 scorers of headed goals in the history of the Premier League

1 Tim Cahill – 27 headed goals in 170 Premier League matches (6.30 games per headed goal)

2 Dion Dublin – 45 in 312 (6.93)

3 Duncan Ferguson – 35 in 270 (7.71)

4 Les Ferdinand – 43 in 351 (8.16)

5 Gustavo Poyet – 22 in 187 (8.50)

6 Peter Crouch – 27 in 232 (8.59)

7 Chris Armstrong – 23 in 216 (9.39)

8 Alan Shearer – 46 in 441 (9.59)

9 Niall Quinn – 26 in 250 (9.62)

10 Dwight Yorke – 38 in 375 (9.87)

*All players have scored at least 20 headed Premier League goals and 40 Premier League goals in total


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  2. He’s probably the smallest player on that list aswell!! Tim u da man!!

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