American sports business agency Inner Circle Sports, who brokered the deals that brought first Tom Hicks and George Gillett and then John W Henry to Liverpool, are now understood to be circling Goodison Park according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

The Blue Union have been proposing that the sale of the club is outsourced to professionals since the group’s inception in July 2011.

In fact, in October 2011, The Blue Union identified Barclays Capital, Investec and Inner Circle Sports as potential organisations who the sale of the club could be outsourced to.


  1. I agree, time for Bill to sell up.

  2. I knew something like this would pop up once the season tickets came to be renewed. Don’t worry Billy,I’m still renewing mine,but don’t insult our intelligence with these fabricated stories.

  3. Any news is good news

  4. YoungWilsonBall says:

    It doesn’t matter what is done or said. He can’t do right for doing wrong. I think the poll results show just how divisive this Blue’Union’ is.

  5. well said pablo

  6. blue griff says:

    yeah other new story that Bill kenwright want us to hear can I make my point across to the fans why would anyone want to invest or buy everton fc and I a fan of efc when the club is sale they key players and in debt to the bank we are in debt so no one will come in to make a loss thanks to bill and mr green we are in this position

  7. Lee,Huyton says:

    More bullshit from the self-styled ‘world’s greatest Evertonian’. Season ticket renewal time time and YET AGAIN takeover talk resurfaces. Do these fuckwits at our club think we’re daft and that we won’t remember they’ve fed us similar bullshit before? I so hate the heirachy at Everton,they are nothing but twats.

  8. Bill commands – no demands – that you buy your lifetime season ticket now so that he can have a holiday in the sun

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