oviedo jagsThis evening, Bryan Oviedo, one of the club’s standout performers so far this season, suffered a double leg break at Stevenage as the Blues marched into round five of the FA Cup with a comfortable 4-0 victory.

When Oviedo crumbled to the floor after attempting to block a Simon Heslop shot, it was obvious straight away that it was a serious incident. The players signaled for the stretcher within seconds and looked on in horror as Oviedo lay in agony.

The picture to the right sums up the despair felt by both Evertonians and Oviedo’s teammates. I should wince when I look at it, but I don’t. I love it. Above all else, it fills me with pride and says everything about our great club.

It serves as a timely reminder of the special group of players that we have at Everton Football Club.

We here at SOS1878 wish Bryan Oviedo a speedy recovery and look forward to his return in a Blue shirt.

Oviedo baby…


  1. Thoughts are with you Bryan. Praying for a quick and successful recovery. You have been truely brilliant this season!

  2. Well said Adam, what a big shame, he was doing great! The winner at Old Trafford was simply priceless, will never forget that! Get well soon Bryan, COYB.

  3. Well said Adam, we all want you back in the team as soon as possible Bryan, we will miss you without a doubt, you have been magnificent.

  4. Couldn’t of said it better Adam. I’m gutted for you Bryan, like most football fans. Keep ta chin up you’ll soon be back.

    Oviedo baby, Oviedo ohhhhh oh oh oh. Coub

  5. as a Spurs fan don’t like to see that wishing him a speedy recovery.

  6. Very best wishes Brian for a steady recovery. You will be missed as you have been in great form. Also nice to see supporters from other clubs wishing you well.

  7. Such a horrible injury so sad for Brian after waiting so patiently to get into the team and settled in andlauyed very well he must be gutted well we wish you a speedy recovery andhope you cone back stronger keep ya chin up Brian we are all with you COYB.

  8. May I offer my best and sincerest wishes as well Bryan
    You truly have been an inspiration to those around you this season and I wish you a speedy recovery as I miss you already

  9. Wishing Brian a very speedy recovery. All thoughts and prayers to you you and your family. The picture sums up the pride we have in Everton and the players

  10. Never nice to see a player pick up an injury like that, even as a liverpool fan

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