13.49 Saturday 7th January 2012

Bill Kenwright has in the last 30 minutes been peacefully confronted by a group of Evertonians seeking answers on the stagnation and growing financial crisis at Everton Football Club prior to today’s 3rd round FA Cup tie with Tamworth.

Kenwright, who can be seen to be stood speechless for a good deal of time as he stares vacantly at his mobile telephone, finally responds to the many questions asked of him by claiming simply that…

“your Blue Union have betrayed this club”.

Evertonians will make their own judgements on the Chairman’s body language, attitude and claim that the recently formed fans group are more to blame for the crisis at Everton that he himself.

See the video below:




  1. blue boy griff says:

    Blue union did not betray the club Bill. It is petty talk for you to say that as your are the chairman of efc, the blue union is given supporters a opinion and get they’re voice heard because you are not listening bk to the supports and angry way the club is run.If this is Bill attitude and I worry for the club .

  2. lee bellamy says:

    Bill is a man on the run. He has got to go, he is killing the club. Support The Blue Union – the people’s union.

  3. Just let go if u love the club, Bill! Where is the money from Arteta? Who will be the next Rodwell, Barkley?


  5. Bradley Lloyd says:

    Kenwright needs to leave where is the Arteta money? If we cant buy any players Kenwright is not good enough to be the chairman!

  6. Mick Davies says:

    Kenwright and Moyes are a double act like Morecambe and Wise, or Marks and Spencer. BOTH need to go, while there’s something left of this once great club. Obviously BK can’t just be replaced right away but if he had any love for Everton FC he would bring in a manager who knew how to get EFC off it’s knees and start playing with a bit of pride and giving the real owners of this club – the fans – some entertainment and belief; we pay enough for it. Gates under 20,000 are on their way if things don’t change and maybe relegation

  7. parkend blue says:

    We need for everyone to get real here. Bill Kenwright and Moyes have questions to answer. The biggest one for BK is how much is he and his fellow directors asking for the club. It is all very well saying he is willing to sell but if the club is overpriced no one will buy it. Moyes needs to get real and accept he cannot manage strikers and that is why we have struggled this season. Too many times we have seen a striker score only to be dropped and for those that dont score to be selected week after week. A team is only as good as its strikers Davey and ours are crap! The fans groups need to get real and realise that the simple option of BK or DM walking out or being forced out does not do anyone any favours unless someone equal or better can take their place. At the moment I do not see a better alternative to DM unfortunately. Final point is that we need to all work together to get this club back and that means transparency from the club to get the fans on-side.

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