roberto anfieldJesus wept! Hands up who expected that???

If the Goodison derby earlier in the season gave us so much optimism then this capitulation at the home of our bitterest rivals certainly didn’t! We all have off days but why do we save ours for this monotonously predictable fixture?

The gamble (if it was one) to bring in players who had suffered recent injury problems backfired in spectacular fashion and aside from Mirallas and Barkley the others may as well have been injured.

On to the match itself…and I’m keeping this short.

We actually started well with Barkley fizzing one over in the opening minute as we tried to take the game to them but in all honesty we could have been behind before our old friend Stevie Me headed home a Suarez corner in the 21st minute. To add to our misery Lukaku was injured after colliding with Barry. Naismith came on for the struggling Belgian but the Reds were bossing it at this point.

Jags forced a save and Mirallas was looking dangerous as we tried to get on level terms but just as it seemed we were making headway we got hit on the break. Young John Stones was caught too far up the pitch and Sturridge raced through to make it 2-0. Our defence was all over the place and moments later it was 3! Sturridge again in acres of space lobbing Howard from 18 yards. So that was that!

Would it get embarrassing? It already was! A dismal first half performance.

H-T Liverpool 3-0 Everton

Surely we would come out and make it respectable?  Errr..No

Jags gave the ball to Suarez of all people and the horrible (insert your own phrase) ran 50 yards before sliding the ball past Howard in front of the great unwashed.

Howard then brought down Sterling and up stepped Sturridge to claim his hat trick from the spot? Ha ha no! He skied it. That was the only bright spot on an instantly forgettable evening. 60% possession and lots of passing counted for nothing. Mirallas tried and Naismith was inches away from a consolation but in all seriousness this could have been 6 or 7.

Plenty of work to do before Saturday then but amongst all the doom and gloom I just remembered that we are actually the winners in all this because we my friends are Evertonians!

Onwards and upwards Blues.

No champagne tonight.

Pint to Mirallas.

Hangovers for all of us I suspect.

Steve Rimmer


  1. Everton were lucky not to be thrashed by Liverpool at Goodison, Allen should have buried that sitter but missed, would have been 1-3 and game over, Everton are a good team and will finish 5th or 6th, but Liverpool totally outclassed you and are light years ahead – and deep down you know it.

  2. What a was one way traffic at goodison and the blues ran riot through the rs defence. Your keeper saved you on three 1on 1’s and all your goals came via set pieces..jog on and remember who has been top dog in the league thee past two seasons

  3. Liverpool have the deadliest duo in England, possibly Europe. When they’re on form and Coutinho is too, it’s difficult to stop them.

  4. I can’t believe that you liverpool fans have come on here and tried to have a go. That would mean you have signed up for an Everton site. The shame of it. Is it because there’s a waiting list to get on your sites is it, you know the worlds best fans who have all suddenly just crawled out of the woodwork because the team you’ve never been to see has just had a freak result. There’s no waiting list at AFC Liverpool, they play in Prescot go and annoy them and their sites!!!

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